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Well, we\'re talking about the ins and outs of Awaiting the Imam of our Age (A). What are the two kinds of people that are awaiting the Imam of our Age (A)? What are some of the characteristics of the \'elite awaiting activist\' and what does this term mean? And what has the pacifist been doing this whole time that the activist has been busy doing activism? What is the difference between the \'general awaiting activist\' and the \'elite awaiting activist\'? What is the goal of the awaiting activist; and how is this different for the elite awaiting activist? What has the elite awaiting activist aligned their whole life with? And finally, how can you \"Join The Elite Awaiting Activists\", wherever you are? Sister Spade explains and answers these questions and more, based upon selections from the book, The Essence of Creation, 3rd edition. It\'s time to understand the true meaning of awaiting the Imam (A) of your time. #IslamicPulse #SisterSpade #Life #Questions #Islam #Allah #Quran #Ahlulbayt #Muslim #Shia #RealityCheck #Mahdi #ImamMahdi #AwaitedOne #Savior #Unity #Harmony #12thImam #Pacifist #Activist #Activism #Pacifism #Revolution #IslamicAwakening #ArabSpring #IslamicRevolution

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