The Duas of The Imams (A) Will Save You | Imam Khomenei (R) | Farsi Sub English

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What can help us to purify ourselves and to take us out of the darkness of falsehood? What were the divinely appointed Imams (A) faced with that was in utter opposition to their divine mission? And what was one of the tools that the Imams (A) used and taught the people that would help them in their opposition to the Arrogant Powers of their time? What do the Duas of the months of Rajab and Shaban do for a person, especially as regards to the holy month of Ramadhan? What is a beautiful reality of the holy month of Ramadhan? Finally, why is it said that \"The Duas of The Imams (A) Will Save You\"? The esteemed and elegant Imam Ruhollah Khomeini (R) speaks about how \"The Duas of The Imams (A) Will Save You\".

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