The Loneliness of Imam Ali (A) and Palestine | IP Talk Show | English

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Welcome to the Islamic Pulse Talk Show. In this episode we\'re talking about \"The Loneliness of Imam Ali (A) and Palestine\". So, what are some outstanding features and merits of Imam Ali (A)? What does it mean that Imam Ali (A)\'s personality has both attraction and repulsion? If Imam Ali (A)\'s personality is so comprehensive, shouldn\'t us as his followers, especially the religious scholars, also have a comprehensive personality? What are some very interesting parts of the life of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (A)? How can one go about to study the life of Imam Ali (A)? In what four segments can one split up the life of Imam Ali (A)? What does it truly mean that Imam Ali (A) was silent at a certain 25 year period of his life? Was it a big deal that the Caliphate was usurped from Imam Ali (A)? Ultimately, what is the loneliness of Imam Ali (A)? And finally, what is the connection between present-day Palestine and Imam Ali (A)? In order to answer these questions and more, we invited Shaykh Ali Qomi to come and speak a little bit about \"The Loneliness of Imam Ali (A) and Palestine\". Our condolences to the believers, wherever you are, upon the martyrdom anniversary of the Commander of the Believers, Imam Ali (A). May Allah help our Palestinian brothers and sisters achieve victory. #IslamicPulse #IPTalkShow #Islam #Allah #Quran #AhlulBayt #Muslim #Shia #ImamAli #Ali #1stImam #Ramadhan #Ramazan #Ramadan #Spirituality #Ramadhan1445 #HolyMonth #SaveGaza #GazaStrip #WestBank #SavePalestine #Gaza #Palestine #Zionism #israel #21stRamadan #Shaheed #Martyrdom

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