There Is No Other Option | Sayyid Abbas Ayleya | English

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What are the two types of Jihad according to the holy Prophet Muhammad (S)? Is Shaytan the biggest enemy of the human beings? If not, why? And what is it then? What is required to join the caravan of Imam Husayn (A)? And according to Imam Husayn (A), what is the result of joining his caravan? Finally, what does Imam Husayn (A) say about the one who is not willing to join his caravan? In the light of this, what are our options? In this Scholar Clip, Sayyid Abbas Ayleya answers all the above questions. Our condolences to the believers, all across the world, wherever you are, upon the recent Arbaeen of Sayyid al-Shuhada Imam al-Husayn (A), his beloved family members, and his devout companions. Salutations be upon the Master of Martyrs! Salutations be upon the esteemed Husayn! Salutations be upon the esteemed Ali ibn Husayn! Salutations be upon the innocent children of Husayn! Salutations be upon the loyal companions of Husayn! #IslamicPulse #ScholarClip #AbbasAyleya #Jihad #TypesOfJihad #Enemy #Shaytan #CaravanOfImamHusayn #Options

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