Showdown in the Sea of Oman | Keepin\' It Real | English

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Welcome to Islamic Pulse Productions\\\' new series; \\\"Keepin\\\' It Real.\\\" With all the different current events going on in the world, we all really need a funny, relaxed, refreshing, and yet eye-opening commentary on it all. Sayyid Shahryar\\\'s here to humbly shed a little insight into all that\\\'s going on around the world; past, present, and perhaps even future. In this episode, we\\\'re \\\"Keepin\\\' It Real\\\" by talking about the \\\"Showdown in the Sea of Oman\\\". What all went down, who won, who lost, who was involved, what the heck was going on, and for how long will this unjust status quo continue? Hey, we\\\'re just \\\"Keepin\\\' It Real\\\". #KeepinItReal #KIR #IslamicPulse #NewsCommentary #Islam #Allah #Quran #GlobalArrogance #Revolution #AhlulBayt #Oil #Freedom #Slavery #Humanity #God #Justice

Added by IslamicPulse on 11-12-2021
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