Khorramshahr Is Liberated Update 2 | Keepin' It Real | English

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There were a few more points that we wanted to highlight, but couldn\\\\\\\'t fit it all into the first episodes\\\\\\\' intro, so we give you friends a \\\\\\\"Khorramshahr Is Liberated Update 2\\\\\\\" in order to finalize the highlights of these two episodes on the Liberation of Khorramshahr. But please try to remember that with all the different current events going on in the world, we all really need a funny, relaxed, refreshing, and yet eye-opening commentary on it all. So Sayyid Shahryar was here to humbly shed a little insight into all that\\\\\\\'s going on around the world; past, present, and perhaps even future. In this original episode of \\\\\\\'Keepin\\\\\\\' It Real\\\\\\\', we continued and finished talking about \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf, the Sacred Defense, and Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\' in the original episode titled \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf, the Sacred Defense, and Some Heartless Ringleaders II\\\\\\\'. But who in the world was absolutely looney enough to have given \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf\\\\\\\' the tools and means for him to use chemical weapons? And who are \\\\\\\'Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\' and why do we call them \\\\\\\'Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\'? What all did \\\\\\\'Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\' provide \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf\\\\\\\' with during \\\\\\\'the Sacred Defense\\\\\\\'? And approximately how much money was given in loans to \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf\\\\\\\' by \\\\\\\'Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\'? And who all was dumb enough to provide a \\\\\\\'one-way loan\\\\\\\' to \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf\\\\\\\'? And somebody please answer why the host keeps saying \\\\\\\'Yip, Yip!\\\\\\\'? Finally, and most especially, and very uniquely, and quite fortunately, and rather joyfully, what is the condition of \\\\\\\'A Savage Wolf\\\\\\\', and \\\\\\\'Some Heartless Ringleaders\\\\\\\', and \\\\\\\'the Sacred Defense\\\\\\\'? Hey, we\\\\\\\'re just \\\\\\\"Keepin\\\\\\\' It Real\\\\\\\". #KeepinItReal #KIR #IslamicPulse #NewsCommentary #Islam #Allah #Quran #GlobalArrogance #Revolution #AhlulBayt #Khomeini #Islamic-Republic #Islamic-Revolution #SacredDefense #Sacred #Defense #Justice #Truth #Satan #Evil #Slavery #Freedom #Humanity #God #America #Britain #Germany #West #Saddam #UK #France #USSR #Baghdad #Iran_Iraq #Funny #Laugh #Smile

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