Liberating Khorramshahr Update 1 | Keepin' It Real | English

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We bring y\'all a highlight of \"Liberating Khorramshahr Update 1\", which highlights a few points from the original episode because since the release of this original episode on \"A Savage Wolf, the Sacred Defense, and Some Heartless Ringleaders\", practically one whole year has passed, and a good highlight of the episode was all too necessary, especially since we are on the cusp of the Liberation of Khorramshahr. But please keep in mind that with all the different current events going on in the world, we all really need a funny, relaxed, refreshing, and yet eye-opening commentary on it all. So Sayyid Shahryar was here to humbly shed a little insight into all that\'s going on around the world; past, present, and perhaps even future. And in this original episode of \'Keepin\' It Real\', we talked about \'A Savage Wolf, the Sacred Defense, and Some Heartless Ringleaders\'. But who in the world is \'A Savage Wolf\'? And when did \'the Sacred Defense\' begin and in what country did it occur, and how long did it last? And what is an interesting, but unfortunate point about \'the Sacred Defense\'? And why do we call \'the Savage Wolf\', \'the Savage Wolf\'? What is an arbitrary killing and approximately how many arbitrary killings were committed by \'the Savage Wolf\'? Why does the host keep saying \'Yip, Yip!\'? Finally, what values did \'the Sacred Defense\' defend? Hey, we\'re just \"Keepin\' It Real\". #KeepinItReal #KIR #IslamicPulse #NewsCommentary #Islam #Allah #Quran #GlobalArrogance #Revolution #AhlulBayt #SacredDefense #Sacred #Defense #Justice #Satan #Truth #Evil #Freedom #Slavery #Humanity #God #America #West #Saddam #UK #France #USSR #Baghdad #Iran_Iraq #Funny #Laugh #Smile

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