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The video showed an Israeli police using excessive force against a defenseless woman in front of a child while kicking a young boy who is detained minutes later, Press TV reported on Saturday. Meanwhile, a report released on Thursday by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) said that Israel has since 1967 detained about 750,000 Palestinians including some 12,000 women and tens of thousands of children. PCBS said that Israel currently holds some 6,000 Palestinians in prisons, including 35 women and 285 children. In addition, one or more members of almost every Palestinian family have been detained by the Israeli police. PCBS further said that more than 200 detainees have since 1967 been killed as a result of medical negligence, torture or murder by Israeli soldiers and prison guards. On Friday, about 12,000 Gazans staged a mass rally, which was called for by the democratically elected Hamas government, to express their solidarity with the Palestinians prisoners who are on a hunger strike for the second consecutive week in response to harsh measures used against them. �We will not rest until every Palestinian prisoner has returns to his family, we will continue our activities and resistance until we secure the release of all of our brothers and sisters who are being held captive by the Zionists,� one of the demonstrator told Press TV.

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