Islamophobia in Canada & Beyond | Change Through Politics | Maulana Syed Muhammad Rizvi | English

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- Today\'s political landscape which recognizes Islamophobia as a serious problem, in the aftermath of the shooting in a Quebec city mosque six years ago, and the truck attack in London, Ontario two years ago - These tragedies led to the first Action Summit on Islamophobia, and the creation of the Office of the Special Representative on Combatting Islamophobia - One week ago, the government appointed Amira Elghawaby as the new Special Representative on Islamophobia, affirming the importance of engagement at various levels of civil society - An NCCM report also announced, that “for the first time in Canadian history a school board finally issued an anti-Islamophobia educational strategy\", which was done by Peel District School Board. - Discussing some highlights of this strategy - NCCM has urged the Muslim community to send a message of thanks to PDSB. You can simply do that by going to the NCCM’s website and click on “Send A Letter” button. - The struggle for justice and fairness for all citizens of Canada must continue - Even the Muslims in the USA are active on the political level. One such example is Ilhan Omar: she came to the US in the 1990s as a Somali refugee; and was elected to the US congress in 2018 - She was also a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee. Republicans who secured a majority in the Congress in the midterm elections in November, voted on a resolution to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee. Obviously, the members voted along party lines and removed her from that position. = She was removed because she was critical of human rights violation by Israel. - We pray for the success of all who stand up for the rights of the minorities and the oppressed people around the world. Friday Juma Khutba February 3rd, 2023 Donate towards our programs today: Jaffari Community Centre (JCC Live)

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