Seymour Hersh Fatah Al-Islam Crisis in Lebanon - English

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Fatah-al-Islam in reality is a creation of the Welch Club This club is named for its godfather David Welch - the current assistant to the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice He is the point man for the Bush administration and is guided by Eliot Abrams Key Lebanese members of the Welch Club aka the Club include The Lebanese civil war veteran warlord feudalist and mercurial Walid Jumblatt of the Druze party the Progressive Socialist Party or PSP The extremist Phalange party and its Lebanese Forces LF - The group that conducted the Israel organized massacre at Sabra-Shatilla although led by Elie Hobeika once Geageas mentor Geagea did not take part in the Sept 1982 slaughter of 1700 Palestinian and Lebanese The billionaire Saudi Sheikh and Club president Saad Hariri - Leader of the Sunni Future Movement FM Over a year ago Hariris Future Movement started setting up Sunni Islamist terrorist cells the PSP and LF already had their own militia since the civil war and - despite the Taif Accords requiring militia to disarm - they are now rearmed itching for action and trying dilligently to provoke Hezbollah The FM created Sunni Islamist terrorist cells were meant to serve as a cover for anti-Hezbollah Welch Club projects The plan was that actions taken by these cells - of which Fatah el-Islam is one - could be blamed on al Qaeda or Syria

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